19 Jan


Hey guys!

This post’s topic is trolling-a sensitive topic among teens on the internet. What is trolling? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, “The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.” That was written by a real person. What I mean by a real person is not somebody who is paid to write definitions, kind of like me!

I’m not into trolling and being a troll. I think it causes bullying to happen more. I will get into that in a future post. Trolling is mainly on Youtube and Facebook, at least that’s what I’ve seen. It’s to be taken very seriously!

Well, I’ve told you my opinion. N0w In want to read your’s! No “trolling,” please! Ok, see you guys later!


One Response to “Trolling…”

  1. onlybacon January 24, 2013 at 8:38 am #

    Trolling could be considered a pastime activity. Trolling could be engaged as a combative word game. Trolling could be a morally misguided attempt to publicly enlighten a human flaw. Or even.. just so much fun for a horrible person to have at the expense of others?

    But I think overall, trolling deserves a better nod in it’s direction.

    One of the best examples of trolling EVER (in my opinion) was the Cut For Beiber experience. Trolls on 4chan wrote false articles of Justin Beiber found guilty of smoking pot. They then posted fake pictures of people cutting themselves as a statement to Justin Beiber to stop smoking pot on the premise that he is not only hurting himself, but his fans also.

    As a response: vast amounts of people (all ages) began to cut themselves and post pictures of procedure + result on the internet as they collectively made their anti pot/save beiber statements.

    …and then the trolls admitted their act.

    Wasn’t that just horrible of them?

    Except… who… was dumb enough… to have fallen for such a stupid thing… AND PHYSICALLY HARM THEMSELVES AS A REACTION TO MASS SOCIAL HYSTERIA?

    Teenagers. Young Adults. And even Adults.

    As horrible as that is, I consider this experience to have been a lesson learned for them -the hard way. But if they were willing to CUT THEMSELVES what more would they had been willing to do to themselves or even others in a more severe form of mass social hysteria?

    Shouldn’t they begin to learn against their inclinations to behave this way? Well now certainly they have.

    I consider this as a tough way to improve humanity. But not as horrible and the fact that humanity was willing to cut themselves to begin with.

    You don’t blame the gun for killing people.

    You blame the person holding the blade.. er.. gun.

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