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Inspirational Quote!

28 Feb

Hey, guys!

Here’s a quote to live by (reasonably used of course):

Inspirational Quote
I hope you liked this quote! I think it’s great for teens and people in general! DO NOT use this quote to start trying bad drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, eating disorders, cutting, and suiside! It’s not worth it at all. Remember, your body is a gift, so don’t ruin it by abusing it! This quote is to be used as a helpful and happy way to live by.  I hope you understand and use it wisely! 🙂
Inspiration is the best representation!

Totally Hot Celebs!

21 Feb

Hey, guys!

Imagine if your celeb crush looked into your eyes and said, “would you like to go on a date with me?” Ok, let’s be honest. You and I know that many of us would most likely either cry or pee our pants. Lol, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we would probably do some crazy stuff! My celeb crush is Harry Styles of One Direction! Everyone has one deep down, so I’ve put together some of the top crushable, smoking hot celebs out there now!

First up, we have: One Direction! There are five cute-tastic boys in this band, but you gotta choose one! Will it be Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, or Niall? Decide in the comments below! Here’s a picture of a beach scene with all the 1D boys:

Would you date 1D?

Just think about it, the wind in your hair, the sand tickling your feet, and the cool ocean breeze filling the air with delight. He puts his arms around you to keep you warm. Then he looks into your eyes and, well, you know what happens next. He kisses you! Awesome, right?

Next, we have: Justin Bieber! The Biebe’s is a very popular hottie. Here’s a few pictures of him:

Justin Bieber: Hottie or not?
The 3rd totally crushed hottie is the one and only: Cody Simpson! Everything about him is smoking hot according to his fangirls! This popular boy is making it big, while making room in girl’s hearts just for him! Here’s some pictures of this hottie:
Cody Simpson
Well, those are the top three celeb boys that have been crushed by tons of girls (the order is based on what I’ve seen so far)! I hope you liked my post! Tell me who your fave celeb crush is in the comments below! See you guys later!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

13 Feb

Hey, guys!

I know I’m a little early, because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I wanted to post this early though! Here’s the post:

There’s a good and bad side to Valentine’s Day. Some teens get dates and Valentine’s, and some, well, don’t. I’m one of the girls who don’t. That’s not a bad thing! Sure, for years I would hope to get at least one Valentine, but I didn’t, so I got seriously sad. I wish I just looked on the bright side back then like I do now. A time will come for girls just like me to get Valentines from not just anyone. It will always get better! The time differences can be way apart or close together. You never know! What I’m trying to say is that teen girls are very different, and that’s a really good thing. This time of your life doesn’t reflect on your ultimate future of dating! There’s always going to be a dry dating spot. The important thing to think about is that you will move on and better things will come if you wait. It’s a great way to stop saying, “this sucks” or something like that. Trust me, this way of thinking will get you through all the dating nonsense that happens to everyoneeven if the person you’re looking at seems to get all the guys (or girls) they want no matter what. Your time will come! 🙂

If you have a Valentine, that’s great! I hope you have tons of fun!

A bit of advice to girls who get dates: Try not to show off what you got from your special someone to everyone around you! It makes girls (and guys) who didn’t get dates or got rejected feel really bad about themselves! It’s not cool, so don’t show off. Thanks! 🙂

I want to give everyone a valentine I created! It’s electronic, so you can’t print it. I hope you love it! Here’s my Valentine for all of you:

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day from me to everyone who sees this! I love you guys! ❤

The Problem w/ Most Models

10 Feb


Hey, guys!

Today, I’m talking about a serious issue in the world: models. I’m not saying that all models are a problem! However, a lot are. This is a main issue with society. They are so skinny and photoshopped to the point that is unrealistic for girls to maintain! This image is very unhealthy and terrible. Girls look up to icons (models and stars), but is it that a good idea? I’m answering this problem with my opinion. Here is my opinion on this matter:

I think that anywhere that has models (such as magazines and runway shows) should use “real” girls. When I say “real” I mean being a healthy weight and size which the vast majority of regular people are by far! I’m sick of companies and designers throwing all these unhealthy, eating disordered (I’m not saying all are), too thin models and icons that a lot of teen girls look up to and try to be like. It’s impossible for teens to get and maintain that type of body. That’s not the only issue, too. There’s the idea of the “perfect body” which doesn’t exist. Everyone is beautiful! The only thing all girls need to be is healthy, not some thin stick like most models these days. Models used to be real and healthy years ago. I recently looked through old photos and models came up. I was so surprised! Our society has changed the way many of us think in a very bad way. Another point is the photoshopping of their faces and bodies. No one can get that perfect skin or anything that they photoshop. I know plenty of teens who try very, very hard to get all that but never succeed. They get so disappointed and sad about it to the point of them crying. It’s a terrible thing! I’m mad about that, too. I’m not going to stand for this. We need to end all this by standing up for what we believe in (within reason of course)! I’m all for that! Let’s stop this nonsense for good! Teens have power. You just have to believe!

Here are some examples of way too thin and photoshopped models from magazines:


Well, that’s my opinion. What’s your’s? Leave it the comment section below! I want to read all your opinions! 🙂



New web adress!

8 Feb


Hey, guys! 

This blog has a new web address and a new concept, but I’m still going to post entries about tips for teens on the internet as promised! I’m now going to be posting about more than that: everything about being a teen girl and the ‘probz’ (problems) that come with them! I’m happy to introduce: “Teen Girl Probz”! I hope you enjoy my future posts and advice! Thanks for reading, following, and everything that comes with those cool things, and I hope that you guys continue to support my blog and I! You guys are awesome! See you in my next post! 🙂


Youtube Dos and Don’ts

4 Feb



Hey, guys!

Youtube has a ton of great features and videos, but you need to be careful about what you view, because you could find something very bad (inappropriate, offensive, hateful, ect.). To make this easier to figure out, I created a Dos and Don’ts list below:


  • Be careful what you search for
  • Try to research the Youtuber you want to watch (if for the first time)
  • Look for suspicious thumbnails (the picture on the video before you open it)
  • If the title has a number or punctuation symbol instead of a letter, something’s up
  • Click off if you are uncomfortable with what you’re watching
  • Always use common sense


  • Research inappropriate or offensive words
  • Click on the video anyway even if it’s suspicious
  • Watch a video that you shouldn’t watch when you know it’s bad
  • Look at every video that pops up in the search
  • Do the wrong thing
  • Be careless

Thank you for reading! I really hope you will take my tips into consideration! It will help you a lot with navigating Youtube safely. Sometimes Youtube can be a bad place, but it’s mostly good. You just have to look out for signs. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about getting in a whole lot of trouble (not just your parents)!

See you in my next post!