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Syfy and Supernatural: Opinions and Bullying

2 Apr

Hey, guys!

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for an awesome syfy, supernatural, or fantasy show or movie! And I’ll also admit that I’ve got several opinions from close friends that weren’t so inviting… I must ask, because I clearly don’t understand, why is this such a big deal?

It’s not like watching super awesome, action-packed shows is a crime. I mean, someone can have an opinion, because everyone is entitled to one, of course. The issue, in opinion, is that most of these people are technically bullying me, and possibly other fans, too. I’ve been recently called a “geek” and a “nerd” amongst others. So I watch an assortment show genres, your point is? That I’m a “nerd” or a “geek”? First of all, those aren’t politically correct, and second of all, that’s plain bullying. Although I choose to politely ignore it, sometimes it does affect me, naturally. It’s almost inevitable, I suppose. Even still, why should they have all the power?

The truth is that bullies, not matter how tough or strong they might seem, are insecure and probably have had bullying done to them as well. I know that we’ve been told that all the time, but I’ve actually experienced this myself. I’ve been bullying most of my life at school, and I had been personally affected by it. This one bully had bullied me for like my whole high school career. He told me that I’m “worthless” and “wouldn’t make it in this world” (add cuss words to that), but deep down, I knew he was wrong. I mean, he knew me before for like half a semester. Anyway, one day he confessed, not to me, that he was having trouble at home and his family was messed up. That’s when I knew it was true what they say. Bullies are insecure and feel the need to put someone else down to make them feel ‘better’ than they are. But, you see, we’re the ones who are better, because we don’t bully anyone, even if we feel insecure. Everyone has their baggage, even me.

Obviously, being a fan of anything is no reason to be bullied or feel afraid of what other people might think. Hey, I’ve told practically everyone I talk to that I’m a syfy, supernatural, and fantasy fan! (They read my blog.) Give it a shot! You’ll end up with a lot more friends than bullies, just by sharing honestly and putting trusting them. You can choose your own friends and create your own rules, so why not announce your love of the action-packed (and super awesome) tv and movie shows? I’ll always be here to give you support and advice!

Happy watching!


The Secret to Life?!

22 Nov
The Secret To Life

Hey, guys!

You might be wondering, “what is the secret to life?” Here’s the thing, there is no “secret” per se. It’s all about how you look at it. It’s pretty simple when you think about it, actually! Life is a mystery for all of us to experience in our own way. Not one way. Our own way!

Don’t get me wrong, I too thought for a long time about what the secret to life is until I found the answer. The answer was: there’s no secret at all. You just have to experience life for yourself. Everyone is different, which means that everyones’ life is going to be different in many ways.

Take it from my experiences vs other high schoolers: I have blogs, give advice to people on the internet and in real life, and I’m sympathetic to people who need help. In contrast, another teen might be on drugs, maybe drinking, not caring about school, and so on. That’s to the extreme, but you get my point.

I hope I helped the teens who are wondering about this confusing subject! Thanks for reading! 🙂


Back To School: SONG OF THE YEAR! + Cory and Talia

5 Aug

Hey, guys!

There’s so many songs out there right now, but I’ve discovered the song of the 2013 school year (at least for the first semester)! There may be more, so stay tuned for updates.

Here it is:

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

Ok, I know this is technically a pretty old song, but it really goes well with the theme of this year. First Cory Monteith (Glee actor who played the part of Finn) who died of drug abuse and then Talia Castellano (TaliaJoy18 on Youtube) who died of two types of cancer all in one summer, this year is all about staying strong and having fun but not too much fun.

We have to stop this. I know we can only send out as many tweets and Facebook posts as we can (many of which they won’t see because of the overload of other accounts), so work on yourself. There are many things you can do to help this hurricane of drug abuse that possibly will come this coming school year. I’m worried, and other people are, too.

I’m not trying to lecture, that’s the last thing I want to do, so don’t think that. I’m trying to warn you of what’s to come and try my best to help.

Trust your instincts, pick well grounded friends (drugs and drinking wise), and, overall, get help and DON’T try anything in the first place! It all makes a difference. You’ll be happy you did.

After all that bad news, let’s get some rest and have some fun on these last few days of summer. Beaches, malls, and relaxing await, to get to it! 🙂

Until next time!


There’s a T-Swift Song for That!

27 May

Hey, guys!

I’ve been through some very rough stuff, and these songs helped me a lot! Music is a great way to heal, because it speaks to you about your problem if you choose the right song. Pretty cool, huh? Whatever your relationship prob, Taylor Swift has put out a song for that!

Here’s my list of T-Swift songs to mend a broken heart:

1. Cheated on: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

2. You want to be with someone but your parents won’t let you: Love Story by Taylor Swift

3. So angry at your ex that you can’t explain how much in words: Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift

4. You never want to get back together with your on-and-off boyfriend: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

5. You think someone loves you but they actually don’t, and your heart is broken: Fifteen by Taylor Swift

6. You’re best friends with someone but you secretly like them: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

7. You broke your boyfriend’s heart and now you want him back: Back To December by Taylor Swift

8. You thought you knew someone but you didn’t: White Horse by Taylor Swift

I hope these songs have helped you! I know I hope they did! Talk to you guys later!


Positive Message!

10 Mar

Hey, guys!

School, relationships, and all around teen stuff can be tough and might make you look on the negative side of things, but you have to turn that thought around! You know that expression, “turn that frown up side down”? That’s a simpler side to this, and doesn’t give any direction on how to be happy, so I’ve put together my own saying (longer but stronger) that will help you get happy! Here it is:

Positive Message

I hope you all had an awesome week and you liked my positive message! I think it goes well for any situation! Thank you for reading! See you guys later!


Inspirational Quote!

28 Feb

Hey, guys!

Here’s a quote to live by (reasonably used of course):

Inspirational Quote
I hope you liked this quote! I think it’s great for teens and people in general! DO NOT use this quote to start trying bad drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, eating disorders, cutting, and suiside! It’s not worth it at all. Remember, your body is a gift, so don’t ruin it by abusing it! This quote is to be used as a helpful and happy way to live by.  I hope you understand and use it wisely! 🙂
Inspiration is the best representation!