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Blogging Advice!

18 Mar

Hey, guys! 

Someone recently commented on one of my posts, and asked me for advice about blogging. I have a lot of experience blogging! I’ve even started blogs on multiple platforms (such as Tumblr, Blogger, a paid WordPress blog, ect.). If any of you guys want advice about blogging, I’ll be happy to reply to you! You can either email me at: teensruletheinternet@hotmail.com, or comment on this post (I suggest email)! 

P.S. I’m so thankful for all the support you guys are giving me! 🙂


One more thing:

*NO inappropriate, hating, and other bad stuff when commented or emailed!* Just had to say it. 

Tumblr! (Short Description)

11 Jan

Hey guys,

Tumblr is a really popular and ever-so-cool blogging website! You can make your own blog,  ‘reblog’, and like photos and things people write. There’s also things called “GIFS”. Gifs are moving pictures, but they’re not videos. Pretty cool, huh? That’s not all there is to do on Tumblr either. There’s a huge number of topics and cool hash tags full of awesome stuff! I love it!

You should check Tumblr out! It may seem hard at first (you kinda have to get the hang of it), but stick with it! It’s totally worth it! 🙂

*Stay tuned for more superfantastic posts on this blog!*


Welcome TEENS!

5 Jan

Hi, my fellow teenagers! This is a wonderful blog about being a teen on the internet (and all the randomness that comes with it)! I’m going to be posting about tips, cooking, and more soon! You might be thinking, “What does cooking have to do with the internet?” Well, some teens love to cook, and they post about it on the internet! I also want to give my awesome readers other interests. It’s really good to be a well-rounded teen!

If you want to submit posts, tips, tricks, recipes, lols, or advice about teen things or about anything random, email me on the “Submit!” page!

I hope you enjoy my blog! 😀